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Instructions: “My Day” Diary

“MY DAY” – We would like you to start keeping a diary at once. This record will be very valuable throughout your case. It will be kept strictly confidential.

HOW THESE INJURIES HAVE AFFECTED YOUR LIFE – We call it “My Day” because we want you to take a normal day, from the time you get up until the time you go to bed, and explain in detail how this occurrence has changed your life. For example, the way you put on your clothes, the way you get in and out of bed, the way you take a bath, etc. By your life, we mean your work, your playtime, your hobbies, your life as a husband or as a wife, etc. This includes your disposition, your personality, your nervousness, etc. We need to know how your injury has affected the marital relations between you and your spouse.

YOUR PAIN AND SUFFERING – We want a description of your pain, both at the scene of the occurrence and at all times thereafter. We want to know whether or not it is a shooting pain, throbbing pain, etc. We want your words and not anyone else’s.

START AT YOUR HEAD WHEN RECORDING YOUR COMPLAINTS AND INJURIES – A good rule to follow in order to remember all of your problems is to start at your head and, in detail, go down through all parts of your body, moving from you head, neck, shoulders, etc. Explain in detail any problem that you have with each part of the body. Also, give details with regard to the medications you ar taking and what they are for, if you know.

DON’T USE THE WORDS “I CAN’T” – Please do not use the words “I can’t” because “can’t” means physical impossibility. For example, you can’t use your left hand, if you haven’t got one. Don’t say “I can’t do it.” “I don’t do it,” “I never do it.” We would prefer you would use such words as “I am not able to do it as well” or some other words meaning the same thing. You should always work towards the idea that ” I am trying and I will continue to try to do more things.” Everyone will admire you more if you try. In regard to your activities such as your housework, your yardwork, your work at the office or factory, you should detail what things you are not able to do as well as before.

‘MY DAY’ WITNESSES – We would like for you to contact your friends, neighbors, associates at work, etc., and on a separate sheet of paper for each witness give us his/her name, address and telephone number. Have each describe, or you describe in detail, on a separate sheet of paper what he or she knows about how this injury changed your life. For example, your neighbor might tell about how you are not able to work as much around the house, or your friends could tell how you don’t bowl now, or you don’t engage in some other type of hobby. It is better if these witnesses are not your relatives. It is all right if they are your friends, because they would be more likely to have observed you. It is impossible to be too detailed.

LOSS OF WAGES OR LOSS OF POTENTIAL INCOME – One of the major aspects of your case may be loss of income or potential income. We will need a copy of your union contract showing wage rates, copies of your T4 forms and your income tax returns for at least the last five years. Please obtain from your employer the exact days you missed from work because of this accident and the amount of money you would have made if you would have been working these days. If this injury has prevent you from being advanced in your employment or has prevented you from obtaining employment, please give us the names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses who can prove this for you. We would also like to know in detail what services you have been prevented from performing around the house, such as supervision of the children.

QUESTIONS OR HELP IN ANSWERING YOUR “MY DAY” – If you need any help in keeping your records, please call this office for an appointment with your injury lawyer Vancouver.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION – You know your own life better than we do. Use your imagination and go into all aspects of your life. Explain to us, in the greatest detail possible, how this occurrence has affected your life.