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Neck Injury

Neck injuries may be minor or disabling.

Damages for pain and suffering, past cost of care, and sometimes past loss of income, future loss of income and future cost of care are awarded for cases involving neck injury.

Reports from family physicians, and sometimes orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, vocational consultants, economists, and other specialists may be required to establish full recovery in cases of neck injury.

Neck Injury Definition

Common names:

  • Cervical Injury
  • Injured Neck
  • Injury of the Neck
  • Neck Injury
  • Neck Pain after Injury
  • Pain in the Neck after Injury
  • Painful Neck after Injury
  • Whiplash

A person with a neck injury has damage to a structure within the neck.

Neck injuries include:

  • Neck sprain:
    • Injury to the ligaments
  • Neck strain:
    • Injury to the muscles or tendons
  • Neck fracture:
    • Broken bones in the neck
  • Neck contusion:
    • Bruise to the neck
  • Skin injuries:
    • Neck laceration
    • Neck abrasion
    • Neck puncture wound

Neck injuries often involve some combination of the above injuries.

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