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Whiplash injuries may be minor or disabling.

Damages for pain and suffering, past cost of care, and sometimes past loss of income, future loss of income and future cost of care may be awarded for cases involving back injury.

Reports from family physicians, and sometimes orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, vocational consultants, economists, and other specialists may be required to establish full recovery in cases of back injury.

Whiplash Injury Definition

Whiplash injury: Hyperextension (over-extension) injury to the neck, often the result of being struck from behind, as by a fast-moving vehicle in a car accident. The mechanics of whiplash injury are thought to be as follows: The victim may be first pushed or accelerated forward, pushing the body forward, but the head remains behind momentarily, rocking up and back, and some muscles and ligaments may be stretched or torn. These muscles, in a reflex action, contract to bring the head forward again, to prevent excessive injury. There may be overcompensation when the head is traveling in a forward direction as the vehicle decelerates. This may rock the head violently forward, stretching and tearing more muscles and ligaments.

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