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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are a frequent type of personal injury accidents, especially for children.

Fault can normally be proven, if the car driver

  • Hits you from the rear
  • Crosses over the centre line in a head on collision
  • Runs a red light
  • Runs a stop sign, or
  • Changes lanes suddenly into your bicycle

In cases where the other driver is making a left turn at a yellow light, fault will usually be disputed, but can still be proven, if witnesses confirm that you had no time to stop.

What To Do If Injured In A Bike Accident:

In all but rear-end collisions, it is important to secure witness names and telephone numbers to prove the car driver’s fault.

Don’t rely on the police, to provide you with witness contact information, as they are not permitted to do so.

Be sure to obtain the witness telephone numbers yourself.

Even if the accident was not your fault, your damages can be reduced if you were not wearing a certified helmet at the time of the collision. As such, be sure to put one on before you ride.

Liability assessment can also affected by such considerations as absence of reflective clothing or bicycle lights. Be sure to have both when you plan to ride after dark.

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