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Slip And Falls

Slip and Falls are common types of personal injury accidents that occur as a result of flooring or ground surface that is

  • Slippery,
  • Icy,
  • Uneven or
  • Cracked

Slip and Fall Claims often occur on the premises of

  • Shopping Stores,
  • Restaurants,
  • Residential Buildings, and
  • Municipal Grounds.

Fault is normally hotly contested, but can be proven, if it is shown that

  • The hazard that caused the slip and fall was or should have been known, and
  • The maintenance routine designed to prevent or remove such a hazard was defective

It is vital to secure witness names and telephone numbers to prove both that the slip and fall occurred and that there was a hazard that caused it.

Frequently engineers or maintanance experts are required to establish that maintenance practices of the Defendant were defective.

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